Get ready for WAICY 2022


Join us for the World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth 2022. The registrations for the competition will open soon. While we prepare for one of the biggest AI competitions in the world, download our grading rubric to learn more about what we expect from our participants.

Artificial Intelligence & Technology Criteria


Artificial Intelligence

WAICY, at its core, is an AI competition. The first thing that we look for is the use of AI’s abilities in your project and a thorough understanding of what it means.


Technical Skills

Technical skills matter because they support the project execution. Does your project involve coding? Do you have a robust understanding of what you’ve built? Make sure you’re ready to answer these questions.

Design & Impact Criteria


The project should consider the user experience of the proposed AI solution.

Problem statement

The project should have an impact of on the community at large.

AI Ethics

The team understands the positive & negative consequences of the project.


The project is unique and is built on an original idea.


The team is able to articulate ideas and its impact clearly with enthusiasm.