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WAICY 2024

Date & Location to be Announced

WAICY 2023 Recap Video


Country Organizers

At WAICY, we aspire to welcome all countries interested in becoming a part of our global community.


Join us for the biggest AI competition in the world

Since 2018, the World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth has been inspiring students worldwide to learn and use AI to solve real-world problems. WAICY intends to bring AI to students worldwide to spark creative and practical demonstrations of the technology that can ultimately shape our future.

200+ students

60+ teams

5 countries

400+ students

80+ teams

8 countries


120+ students

40+ teams

5 countries

1000+ students

300+ projects

30+ countries

3200+ students

600+ projects

58+ countries

17.2k students

15k+ projects

64+ countries

 Stay tuned for updates. Questions? Reach out to us at info@waicy.org.

Looking to participate? All you need is an idea

Artwork based

Create an artwork to tell us all about your AI idea

Program based

Code a program and tell us what it can do to help the world

Robot based

Use a robot to explain your idea further and make some moves

WAICY 2024 Summer Event

July 2024 | Pittsburgh

Our Country Partners


Stories of WAICY

In 2019, 40 students participated in the First Annual Lawrence and Mercer County Regional WAICY that was held by the Middlesex School District and the Union School District.

Meet the genius behind the star Project Masquito – Gabriel Pizarro. Masquito makes AI-assisted face mask detection accessible to the average consumer via a sleek, cross-platform mobile app and a robust server implementation.

Rishi’s project iPuma Mountain Lion Sensor won Gold Award, AI Excellence, Design Excellence, and Impact Excellence awards in the elementary school category at WAICY 2020. What inspired Rishi to do the project? Hear it from the 10-year-old himself!

In 2021 WAICY, Amalia-Christina, Chrysa, and Christiana from Greece created navigAId, an AI-integrated app that focuses on object detection via live capture, intending to aid visually impaired people to navigate easily and safely, even in less accessible places. Let’s see their amazing project!

Let’s get your questions answered

What is WAICY?2019-04-01T14:11:48-04:00

The World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth (WAICY) is a global competition challenging students to learn and use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to solve real problems.

Who can participate in WAICY?2022-01-19T04:28:37-05:00

WAICY is open to all students around the world ages 6-18.

How do I participate?2023-09-18T03:57:15-04:00

WAICY 2023 is now open for project submission! Learn More >>

Can I participate remotely?2021-03-11T09:38:12-05:00

Yes, WAICY is open to remote participants. So, you can join us from any part of the world!

Can I participate individually?2021-03-11T09:43:10-05:00

Of course! Although you can participate individually, we recommend participating in teams because collaboration is key to creativity.

Is there any pre-requisite to the competition?2019-04-01T14:45:37-04:00

There is no pre-requisite to WAICY. It is an open platform for all your AI learning experiences. We encourage you to visit www.readyai.org to look at unique and tested approaches to learning AI and Problem Based Learning.

I don’t have a Cozmo/robot, how can I participate in WAICY?2021-03-11T09:45:01-05:00

WAICY is an open platform so long as you utilize and exhibit your AI skills.

Do I need to participate in a regional competition before I go to the final competition?2023-09-18T03:58:00-04:00

Not necessary. But if you are a regional WAICY winner, consider your seat reserved for WAICY 2023.

How to run a WAICY competition?2023-09-18T04:00:34-04:00

Feel free to email us directly at info@waicy.org and we will assess your qualifications and work towards a regional WAICY in your city, region or country. It’s really fun. Learn more about becoming a WAICY country organizer >>

Is there any restriction on the number of people in a team?2019-04-01T14:41:40-04:00

There are no restrictions but we think teams of 3-5 are optimal size, given our past experience in WAICY and the broader AI learning eco-system.

Where can I find the grading rubric?2023-09-18T04:01:16-04:00

WAICY 2023 Rubric can be seen here.

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