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The World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth (WAICY) is a global competition challenging students to learn and use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to solve real problems. The competition is open to students from age 4 to 20 from all around the world.

The WAICY aims to bring AI to students all around the world and spark creative, innovative, and artistic demonstrations of the technology that can make a change to the future.

If you are a school or organization, you can start your own regional competition and bring your best teams to the annual-final competition.

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WAICY 2019 – Winning Team Projects

WAICY 2019

WAICY 2018 – Winning Team Projects

WAICY 2018



What is WAICY?2019-04-01T14:11:48-04:00

The World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth (WAICY) is a global competition challenging students to learn and use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to solve real problems.

When / where is the final competition of WAICY 20192019-04-01T14:11:54-04:00

The final competition of WAICY 2019 will be held on Saturday, July 27th, 2019 at Nova Place in Pittsburgh, PA.

Who can participate in WAICY?2019-04-01T14:11:59-04:00

WAICY 2019 is open to everyone.

How do I participate?2019-06-12T17:11:31-04:00

You can participate by registering here.

Can I participate remotely?2019-04-01T14:19:57-04:00

Yes. Once you sign up for the competition, you should let us know that you will be participating remotely and we will arrange a time slot for you and your team to log in to Zoom Video Conf. Calling system to present your project and interact with the judges on the day of the competition.

Can I participate individually?2019-04-01T14:40:36-04:00

Yes. Although you can participate individually, WAICY is also about teamwork and collaboration. It is highly encouraged to participate with a team of friends and peers. Really cool things happen when we have group participation.

Is there any pre-requisite to the competition?2019-04-01T14:45:37-04:00

There is no pre-requisite to WAICY. It is an open platform for all your AI learning experiences. We encourage you to visit www.readyai.org to look at unique and tested approaches to learning AI and Problem Based Learning.

I don’t have a Cozmo/robot, how can I participate in WAICY?2019-06-12T17:17:52-04:00

WAICY is an open platform so long as you utilize and exhibit your AI skills. There are some categories that do not require a Cozmo/robot. Learn more about different Categories

Do I need to participate in a regional competition before I go to the final competition?2019-04-01T20:24:30-04:00

Not necessary. But if you are a winner of your regional WAICY, you will automatically get a free spot in the WAICY on July 27th in Pittsburgh, where you can participate physically or remotely.

Is there any restriction on age?2019-06-12T17:12:57-04:00

Ages 5 – 21 are all welcomed.

How to run a WAICY competition?2019-04-01T14:35:14-04:00

Feel free to email us directly at info@waicy.org and we will assess your qualifications and work towards a regional WAICY in your city, region or country. It’s really fun.

How to become an AI Competition (WAICY), judge?2019-04-01T14:35:55-04:00

Feel free to email (info@waicy.org) us your resume and qualifications and why you think you should be a judge in WAICY.

Is there any restriction on the number of people in a team?2019-04-01T14:41:40-04:00

There are no restrictions but we think teams of 3-5 are optimal size, given our past experience in WAICY and the broader AI learning eco-system.

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